Welcome to
Farinacci Winery & Distillery, Ltd.

We are a tasting/sales only Winery & Distillery

3951 W. State Route. 307, Austinburg, Ohio
in Ashtabula County

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We are temporally closed for reconstruction.

We are a tasting/sales only Winery & Distillery

Kitchen to open soon please call

Please: No tour busses, limo vans, trolleys, motorcycles or large groups.
We are just to small of a winery too handle large groups.  We are
sorry but we have found that individual one-on-one gives
our visitors a more comprehensive understanding of wine 
and what we have that will fit their palate.

E Mail us at: farinacciwinery@aol.com

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Directions to Winery & Distillery

Michael & Dawn Farinacci

We have been setting the standards for  the serious wine consumer for over 9 years.  Our winery/distillery is dedicated to those that are 
genuinely involved in wines many nuances and delicate flavors.  We thoroughly enjoy being a part of that continuing discovery of the perfect wine!
 Wines do not have a personality but excellent wines have characteristics that bring out the best personality in you.  That is why the majority of our customers 
whether they are beginners or connoisseurs have one commonality: they enjoy wines and wine conversation.  We strive to be the quintessential winery.  
Our goal is to match you up with a wine or wines that fit your life style and your food selections.  We ask that you relax with us and have a memorable moment. 
 See Our New Interior

Distillery Harvest Pictures

440-275-2300 / 440-275-2755
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3951 West State Route 307                                                Our New B & B          
between Routes 534 & 45 off Rt. 90                                                                                


Michael & Dawn Farinacci

The Farinacci's of Lake County are proud to announce the first winery in Austinburg.  Our goal is to increase the viticultural
 presence in our area and to further appreciate the tremendous effort and caring that is required to produce premium wines.

Visitors to our winery will experience a diverse cross section of tastes, flavors and aromas. 

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